ICAC data on cotton statistics, textile and trade have been updated

Date Posted: 27 Apr, 2015
Tables and data on cotton statistics, textile and trade have been updated in the May 2015 edition of the following publications of the International Cotton Advisory Committee and are available now online.
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- Cotton: World Statistics: World cotton supply/demand statistics since 1920/21 and by country since 1940/41 to date. Includes also production, area, yield, consumption, imports, exports and stocks. Five-year projections. Monthly and seasonal average prices of cotton and polyester; comparison of ICAC forecasts since 2001/02 with actual results.
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- World Textile Demand: Comprehensive analyses and projections of world end-use consumption of textile fibers, mill use, production and trade of cotton yarn and fabric and production of chemical yarn for over 100 countries. Provides analysis on events that have an impact on world textile demand and cotton's share of the textile market. World textile fiber end-use demand 5-10-year projections. Yarn and fabric two-year projections. 
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- World Cotton Trade: Trade developments in raw cotton since 1980. Analysis of world trade by region. Import/export projections by country. Matrices of trade flows. Seasonal estimates of export commitments to date. 
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- Plenary Package: includes Cotton: World Statistics; World Cotton Trade; World Textile Demand and Outlook for Cotton Supply.
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