ICAC releases 2nd Report on Cotton Identity Programs

Date Posted: 04 Mar, 2015
The International Cotton Advisory Committee, the leading intergovernmental organization dedicated to cotton, has released its second Report on Cotton Identity Programs.
The report was prepared by a Task Force composed of delegates from ICAC member countries, independent experts and representatives of leading cotton identity programs and contains information up to the 2012/13 season. It contains tables that summarize the self-reported information on the cotton produced under these initiatives and other relevant information about the prospects and expansion plans of each program. Information is included on the following programs: Fairtrade-Cotton, Bayer’s e3 cotton program, Organic, Cotton Made in Africa (CmiA), and the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The Report found that production under these five programs in 2012/13 accounted for 1.1 million tons, equivalent to 4.2% of world cotton production and an increase of 19% from the 2011/12 season.

The full report can be accessed here.
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