dic. 12, 2014 World Cotton Research Conference-6 (WCRC-6) Announced
dic. 1, 2014 Cotton Production Falls in South Hemisphere
nov. 21, 2014 World Cotton Calendar Unveiled
nov. 17, 2014 Low World Cotton Prices Incite Government Intervention
nov. 6, 2014 Logistics Holds Tremendous Potential for Improvement in Cotton Industry
nov. 5, 2014 The Quality Assurance Provided by Machine Testing Adds Value for All Cotton Value Chain Members
nov. 4, 2014 National Brands Cooperate to Expand Global Demand for Cotton Consumption
nov. 3, 2014 ICAC Presents Dr. Mehboob-ur-Rahman with 2014 Researcher of the Year Award
sep. 16, 2014 Production and Trade Policies Affecting the Cotton Industry
sep. 16, 2014 ICAC 73RD PLENARY MEETING - Hotel and Tour Information
sep. 2, 2014 Fifth Season of Cotton Production Surplus
ago. 1, 2014 Demand Expected to Improve as Prices of Polyester and Cotton Converge
jul. 21, 2014 New Economist Arrives
jul. 9, 2014 ICAC Stimulates Cooperation Among Researchers
jul. 1, 2014 Rising Stocks, Reduced Imports Puts Downward Pressure on Price
jun. 18, 2014 Appointment of a new economist
jun. 2, 2014 World Trade to Decline for 2nd Season
may. 13, 2014 ICAC Announces Winner of the 2014 Researcher of the Year Award
may. 1, 2014 Registration for the ICAC 73rd Plenary Meeting is open
may. 1, 2014 The Long Reach of China’s Cotton Policy
abr. 28, 2014 The ICAC just updated the data in its publications
abr. 1, 2014 Negative Impact Expected from Chinese Policy and Polyester
mar. 6, 2014 73rd Plenary Meeting of the ICAC
mar. 4, 2014 New Government Policies Announced Just Ahead of Planting
feb. 12, 2014 JOB VACANCY Economist/Econometrician
feb. 11, 2014 ICAC Research of the Year 2014
feb. 3, 2014 World Prices High Despite Excess Production
ene. 2, 2014 José Sette Installed as Executive Director of ICAC
ene. 2, 2014 China Still Dominates World Cotton Market
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