Dr. Keshav Kranthi takes office

Date Posted: 03 Apr, 2017
Dr. Keshav Kranthi takes office today as the new Head of ICAC’s Technical Information Section. He is the fourth to serve in the position of Head of the Technical Information Section in the history of the Secretariat dating from 1982. His predecessors are: Dr. Fred Gillham (1982-87); Mr. Kees Verbeek (1987-91) and Dr. Rafiq Chaudhry (1991-2017).
Dr. Kranthi is a citizen of India. Before joining ICAC, he was the Director of the Central Institute of Cotton Research in Nagpur, India. He has a PhD from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in Delhi. His main research interests are insect molecular biology, toxicology, ecology, immunology and biotechnology. He has patents granted in South Africa, Mexico, China and Uzbekistan, as well as six patent applications in India. Dr. Kranthi is the author of numerous publications on cotton and has received several awards, including the International Cotton Researcher of the Year Award, presented by the ICAC in 2009.
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