At the instruction of the 71st Plenary Meeting of ICAC, the 521st Meeting of the Standing Committee established a Task Force on the Challenges from Competing Fibers. The Committee recognized the competition posed by polyester in the global fiber market and instructed the Task Force to investigate these challenges, to reflect on the future of the global cotton industry, and to advise members of possible actions.

Mission and Objectives

The purpose of the Task Force is to complete a specific study, relying on the expertise of fiber industry experts brought together under the ICAC mandate. The Task Force should investigate challenges and opportunities created by competition between cotton and other fibers and make recommendations for action to improve the competitive performance of the cotton industry.
It is envisioned that the work of the Expert Panel will result in a report to the 72nd Plenary Meeting of ICAC in September-October 2013 that can serve as a guide for further action by governments and industry as deemed appropriate. 

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