Report of a Conference Call between Members of the
Task Force on Competitive Challenges
June 5, 2013
8:00 AM Washington, DC Time
Bruna Angel, A. B. Joshi, Sebahattin Gazanfer, Peter Johnson, Kevin Latner, Malgorzata Zimniewska and Khawaja M. Zubair participated in the call.
Members and observers who were not available: Andreas Engelhard, Andrew Macdonald and Mark Messura.
Terry Townsend and Andrei Guitchounts served as Secretariat.
Next Meeting:
The next conference call will be held on June 21, 2013 at the same time: 8:00 AM in Washington, DC.
Report of the Meeting
Discussion of issues:
Members of the Task Force adopted the minutes of the 4rd conference call of April 24.
Members discussed the role of the ICAC in cotton promotion. It was noted that ICAC sponsored the creation of the IFCP to assist promotional efforts. Members highlighted the importance of educating retailers and consumers on health benefits of cotton. It was suggested to invite Mr. Silberman, Executive Director of the IFCP to report on the organization promotional activities.
Discussion focused on content labeling laws and practices in different countries. It was recalled that several years Cotton Incorporated conducted a survey on content labeling and presented a report to ICAC. It was decided to locate and distribute the report on labeling among members before the next conference meeting. It was also suggested to look at the EU labeling regulations. It is important to raise awareness of the social and economic benefits of world cotton production and to educate the public about the environmental impacts of cotton production.
Discussion of the cotton production sustainability issue was postponed to the next meeting. It was proposed to invite Allen Williams to speak on sustainable production and cotton identity initiatives.
Members were asked to make proposals on the structure of the report and to send these proposals to the Secretariat for consolidation of the report outline.
Next Step:
Task Force members will contribute their suggestions for the outline and content of the report All members are invited to send their additional thoughts to Kevin Latner at, and Andrei Guitchounts at for compilation and distribution prior to the next conference call on June 21.
The conference call was adjourned at 9:00 AM Washington time.
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