CSITC — Round Trials, 2007

Summary information from CSITC Round Trial – 1 (123K PDF)
arrowSummary information from CSITC Round Trial – 2 (95K PDF)
arrowSummary information from CSITC Round Trial – 3 (97K PDF)
arrowGeneral evaluation from CSITC Round Trial – 4 (540K PDF)

The ICAC Task Force on Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton (CSITC) is conducting the first official quarterly CSITC Round Trials in 2007. All cotton testing centers in member countries, including test centers or laboratories operated in the private and public sectors and industry associations are urged to participate in the Round Trial.

An invitation and participation form are available at the top of this page.

Participation in a CSITC Round Trial is not limited to test centers using Uster HVI equipment. CSITC evaluations are based on test results and are not dependent on the manufacturer, model or kind of testing instruments used.

The purpose of the Task Force on CSITC is to encourage standardization in cotton instrument testing so as to promote efficiency in cotton production and marketing. The CSITC was authorized after the plenary meeting in 2003 and has met six times.

The purpose of the Quarterly Round Trials is to help all cotton test centers to ensure that their results are on the same levels of accuracy as other test centers around the world. Participating test centers will receive detailed information about their results in each Round Trial so as to enable them to improve performance. Round Trial results for each test center will not be reported to the public, but overall results for the Round Trial as a whole will be published.

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