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Latest scientific and technological developments in cotton production. Easy-to-read articles and analysis about cotton technology. Bibliographies of published reports of research on cotton.

In English, French and Spanish. Quarterly. Hard copy, US$185.00/year. Internet, US$150.00/year. To order visit our publication order page.

Some latest issues have the following articles:

December 2010
- New Developments in Cotton Technology (Fred Bourland, ICAC Researcher of the Year 2010, University of Arkansas, USA)
- Update on Costs of Cotton Production
- Cotton Production in Kenya

September 2010
- Cotton Yields: Once Again Reached a Plateau
- Cotton Breeding in the USA
- Why Natural Fibers are Better than Synthetic Fibers in Clothing: Scientific Basis 13 (Malgorzata Zimniewska, Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants, Poland)

June 2010
- Cotton Production in Zambia
- Second-Cycle Cotton Grown with High Plant Density in Mato Grosso, Brazil (Jean-Louis Belot and Alvaro O. Salles)
- ICAC Research Associate Program 2010