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Technical Seminars

The Technical Information Section organizes a one-day Technical Seminar on a selected topic at every Plenary Meeting of the ICAC. The Technical Seminar is the most important activity of the ICAC's Committee on Cotton Production Research. The Committee on Cotton Production meets every year at the Plenary Meeting, holds a Technical Seminar and decides a topic for the next seminar in addition to discussing other activities of the TIS and technical issues in the field of production research.

Leading experts on a selected topic are invited to present papers in the Technical Seminar. Papers presented and submitted for the Technical Seminar (but not presented) are compiled and published each year. The publications are available from the ICAC.


2009. Cape Town, South Africa (2.4MB)

Biosafety Regulations, Implementation and Consumer Acceptance


2008. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (1.9MB)

Improving Sustainability of Cotton Production in Africa


2007. Izmir, Turkey (580K)

The Vision for Technology in 2025


2006. Goania, Brazil (1.4MB)

Sustainability: Biotechnology and Crop Management


2005. Liverpool, United Kingdom (932K)

Rapid Instrument Testing: Opportunities for Breeders and other Segments of the Industry and the Need for Uniform definitions


2004. Mumbai, India (700K)

How to Improve Yields and Reduce Pesticide Use


2003. Gdansk, Poland (1MB)

The Effect of Advances in Processing Techniques on Demand for Quality Cotton


2002. Cairo, Egypt (908K)

Technology, Management and Processing for Quality Fiber


2001, Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe (560K)

Integrated Crop Management


2000. Caims, Australia (9.9MB)

Cotton—Global Challenges and the Future


1999. Charleston, USA (1.5MB)

Fiber Quality Needs of the Modern Spinning Industry and Advances in Ginning Research