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A Word of Welcome from the Organizing Committee

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I feel honoured to accept the patronage of the 62nd Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee. A meeting of government representatives and cotton organisations from more than forty countries is an important event for the economy. of our country...

I am convinced that the on conferance will constitute a good opportunity to present the success of the Polish textile industry and to promote our products. It will also present the advantages of investing in Poland, which is an excellent partner and a country whose borders are open to foreign investors...

Aleksander Kwasniewski
President of the Republic of Poland


Dear Guests:

In the name of the Government of Poland, the Organising Committee has the pleasure to welcome participants to the 62nd Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee in 1000-year-old Gdañsk. We are grateful for the opportunity to host in Poland this meeting of representatives of all sectors of the world cotton industry. Gdañsk and Gdynia were the traditional ports through which cotton used to flow on its way to the mills in the Polish cotton industry centres in multicultural Lódz and Silesia.

Cotton, as a universal fibre, allows millions of people engaged in all stages of its production and processing to make a living, and the work of the ICAC ensures the balancing of these aspects for the benefit of the global economy. Having been a cotton importer and consumer for more that 200 years, Poland pays particular attention to the scientific approach, research development and advancement of processing technologies and facilities. Therefore, specialists and professionals can facilitate our future adaptation to meet the increasing expectations of consumers in the European Union and on the global market. Polish cotton mills must look into the future and adjust their processing capacities, standards and procedures to the evolving markets.

We are convinced that the conference will be productive for the cotton community all over the world, and that our guests will take advantage of Polish hospitality and will enjoy all our cultural and social programs.

Organising Committee