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Documents of the Meeting

Statement of the 65th Plenary Meeting (49K)
Déclaration de la 65ème Réunion Plénière (52K)
Declaración de la 65ª Reunión Plenaria (53K)
Statement of the 65th Plenary Meeting — Russian (251K)
Statement of the 65th Plenary Meeting — Arabic (118K)

Sunday, 10 September

Stakeholder Consultation with the CFC

Monday, 11 September

Inaugural Session


First Open Session


Second Open Session

Tuesday, 12 September

Third Open Session


Fourth Open Session


First Plenary Session


Breakout Session (Doha)

Wednesday, 13 September

Second Plenary Session


Breakout Session (Standardization)


Production Conference (Demand Enhancement)

Thursday, 14 September

Fifth Open Session


Steering Committee

Friday, 15 September

Sixth Open Session


Breakout Session (Organic Cotton Production)


Closing Session

Country Reports
French Documents
Spanish Documents
Arabic Documents
Russian Documents


Agenda (81K)


Directory (101K)

Registered participants as of 14 September, 2006


Directory (12K)

Exhibitors as of 16 August, 2006


Report (55K)

Report of the Executive Director


Report (34K)

Report of the Chairman of the Standing Committee


Memo 808 (15K)

Dress Code


Working Paper I (16K)

Recommendation from the Standing Committee


Working Paper II (16K)

Proposals from the Secretariat to the Committee on Cotton Production Research