1114 Plant Compensation Symposium

Dr. Jane Breen Pierce and Dr. Patricia F. O'Leary


Cotton compensation of Lygus induced square loss in a limited irrigation production regime

Dr. Megha N. Parajulee and Mr. Apurba K. Barman


The response of cotton to real and simulated mirid damage in Australia

Dr. Brian L. Duggan, Dr. Thomas T. Lei and Dr. Lewis J. Wilson


Compensation Capacity of High and Low Vigor Cotton Plants in Response to Pre-Flower Injury by Tarnished Plant Bug  (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Dr. Tina Gray Teague, Ms. Diana M. Danforth and Ms. Jennifer Lund


Yield compensation from simulated bollworm injury in New Mexico

Dr. Jane Breen Pierce and Mrs. Patricia Yates Monk


Symposium wrap-up: An agronomist's perspective on compensation in the cotton plant

Dr. Thomas A. Kerby