1141 Fiber Quality Evaluation & Preservation 1

Ms. Vikki Martin


Measuring the short fiber content of cotton

Dr. Devron Thibodeaux, Mr. James L. Knowlton, Dr. Herman Senter, Dr. David D. McAlister and Dr. Xiaoliang Cui



Calibration, measurements stability and replacement of standard cottons for an FMT3

Mr. Gérard Gawrysiak, Mr. Serge Lassus, Dr. Gourlot Jean-Paul and Dr. Eric Gozé


Inter-laboratory Evaluation of the Cottonscan Instrument for Determining Average Fibre Linear Density (Fineness) of Cotton Lint Samples

Dr. Graham J. Higgerson, Dr. Coung V. Le, Dr. Robert L. Long, Dr. Stuart R. Lucas, Dr. Geoffrey R.S. Naylor and Mr. Mark. M. Purmalis


A Customized Microscopic System for High Volume Measurements of Cotton Maturity

Dr. Bugao Xu, Mr. Wurong Yu, Dr. Patricia Bel, Dr. Eric Hequet and Mr. Bobby Wyatt


Characterization of cotton fibers using TGA and FTIR

Dr. Noureddine Abidi and Dr. Eric Hequet


Fiber quality variability within a plant

Ms. Neha Kothari, Dr. Noureddine Abidi, Dr. Eric Hequet and Dr. Thea Wilkins