1159 Genomics and Biotechnology 1

Dr. David M. Stelly


Cellulose synthase catalytic subunit (CesA) genes associated with primary or secondary wall biosynthesis in developing cotton fibers (Gossypium hirsutum)

Dr. Hee-Jin Kim and Dr. Barbara A. Triplett


Development of Gene Targeted AFLP (GT-AFLP) Marker Systems and Their Applications in Cotton Genomics

Dr. Jinfa Zhang, Mr. Fei Wang, Mr. Chen Niu, Mr. Wu Wang, Mr. Mingxiong Pang, Mr. Yingzhi Lu, Ms. J. Curtiss, Ms. D. Miranda, Dr. Youlu Yuan, Dr. Shuxun Yu, Dr. Richard Percy, Dr. James McD Stewart, Dr. Mauricio Ulloa and Dr. Roy Cantrell


Genetic Diversity of Cotton leaf crumple virus in the Western Hemisphere

Dr. Ali M. Idris and Dr. Judith Brown


Regulation of abiotic stress responses by ubiqutin ligases

Ms. Miyoung Kang, Dr. Haggag Abdel-Mageed, Dr. Mohamed Fokar, Dr. Paxton Payton and Dr. Randy Allen


Toward Comprehensive Understanding of the Cotton Genome in Structure, Organization, Function and Evolution

Dr. Hong-Bin Zhang, Dr. Mi-Kyung Lee, Mrs. Chantel Scheuring, Ms. Ying Rong, Mr. Mark Goebel, Ms. Yen-Hsuan Wu, Dr. Liangtao Zhang, Dr. David M. Stelly and Dr. C. Wayne Smith


Cotton DB Enhancement

Ms. Jing Yu, Dr. Lori Hinze, Dr. John Z. Yu and Dr. Russell J. Kohel