1161 Genomics and Biotechnology Poster Session

Dr. Sukumar Saha and Dr. Richard Percy


New insights into cotton fiber development obtained through microscopic imaging

Dr. Mark J. Grimson, Mr. Utku Avci, Dr. Bir Singh and Dr. Candace H. Haigler


Consideration of xylem sclerenchyma and leaf and stem trichomes as potential models in Arabidopsis for cotton fiber differentiation

Ms. Lissete Betancur, Mr. Utku Avci, Dr. Bir Singh, Dr. M. David Marks and Dr. Candace H. Haigler



Fractionation of Genomic DNA from Cotton, Gossypium Hirsutum L. Using EcoRI and HindIII

Dr. H.M. Inuwa, Dr. Samuel O. Alabi, Dr. A.J. Nok, Mr. E.O. Balogun and Ms. O.M. Chiezey


Identification and use of molecular markers for Genetic Male Sterility in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Ms. Aeishwarya Kopulwar, Mr. Tushar Borase, Dr. Manoj Phalak, Dr. Vipin S. Dagaonkar, Dr. Vijay Kothekar, Dr. Raviprakash Dani and Dr. Govind Umalkar


A Method of Sterile Cotton Seedling Culture Characterised by Accelerating Germination with Wet Paper

Mr. Weiming Li, Mrs. Hanshuang Zhang, Mrs. Junli Zhao, Mrs. Jingyan Sun and Mrs. Xiaolin Yin



Continuous In Vitro Production of Cotton Glandular Trichomes

Dr. I. Grigina, Dr. A.P. Àbukhovskaya, Ms. N.I. Borovinskaya, Dr. S. Nabiev, Dr. M. Ahmedov, Mr. B. Jalilov and Mr. Kh. Akhmedov


Expression of an Arabidopsis vacuolar H+-pyrophosphatase gene (AVP1) in cotton to increase tolerance to drought and salt stresses

Mr. Vijaya S. Pasapula, Mr. Sundaram Kuppu, Dr. Guoxin Shen, Dr. Roberto Gaxiola and Dr. Hong Zhang



Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis of a Cys2/His2 type Zinc Finger Protein Gene in Upland Cotton

Ms. Yuwen Yang, Dr. Wanchao Ni, Mr. Baolong Zhang and Dr. Xinlian Shen



Studies on expression of Cry1Ac protein in cotton

Dr. Vamadevaiah H.M., Dr. I.S. Katageri, Ms. M. Savita, Ms. B. Veena, Dr. B.M. Khadi and Dr. S.S. Patil


Expression profiles of Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab2 insecticidal proteins in tissues of Bollgard(r) and Bollgard II(r) in multiple Indian hybrid backgrounds

Dr. Anik L. Dhanaraj, Mrs. Jayalekshmi Hariharan, Dr. Anuradha Subramanian, Dr. Subray P. Kamath, Dr. Bindu Nair, Dr. Komarlingam S. Mohan, Dr. Ravi K. Channappa, Dr. Sadananda A. Ramaiah, Dr. Yelena A. Dudin, Dr. Graham P. Head and Dr. Sakuntala Sivasupramaniam


Genetic Mapping of QTL’s for Fiber Traits in Diploid Cotton (G arboreum x G. herbaceum) Using Microsatellite markers

Mr. Ashok Badigannavar, Dr. Gerald O. Myers, Dr. Huangjun Lu and Dr. Andrew Paterson


Fine mapping of a fiber length QTL on cotton chromosome 1

Dr. Xinlian Shen, Dr. Edward L. Lubbers, Dr. Andrew Paterson and Dr. Peng W. Chee


Direct Cloning and Annotation of Small RNAs From Developing Cotton Ovules of G. hirsutum L

Dr. Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Dr. Eric J. Devor, Dr. Zabardast T. Buriev, Dr. Lingyan Huang, Mr. Abdusalom Makamov, Dr. Shukhhrat E. Shermatov and Dr. Abdusattor Abdurakhmonov


Identification of Genes Differentially Regulated during Fiber Cell Initiation in Gossypium hirsutum L. Texas Marker-1 Ovules by Gene Expression Profiling

Dr. Doug J. Hinchliffe, Dr. Kathleen M. Yeater, Dr. Andrew Woodward, Dr. David M. Stelly, Dr. Z. Jeffrey Chen and Dr. Barbara A. Triplett


BAC and BIBAC Library Resources of Upland Cotton for Genome Analysis, and Gene and QTL Cloning and Characterization in Cotton

Dr. Mi-Kyung Lee, Mrs. Chantel Scheuring, Ms. Limei He, Mr. Mark Goebel, Dr. Hee-Jin Kim, Dr. Barbara A. Triplett and Dr. Hong-Bin Zhang


Gene Expression Profiling in the High Fiber Quality Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Germplasm Line MD 52ne and its Recurrent Parent MD 90ne

Dr. Doug J. Hinchliffe, Dr. Kathleen M. Yeater, Dr. William Meredith and Dr. Barbara A. Triplett


QTLs conferring root architecture in an interspecific Gossypium hirsutum x Gossypium barbadense population

Dr. Peng W. Chee, Mr. Muhammad Babar, Mr. Sajid Rahman and Dr. Xinlian Shen


Inferences on Phylogeny and Origin of Polyploid Gossypium Genomes from Nuclear Repetitive DNA Sequence Variation

Ms. Ying Rong, Dr. Mi-Kyung Lee, Dr. A. E. Percival, Dr. David M. Stelly and Dr. Hong-Bin Zhang



Comparative Analysis of Gene Expression in Developing Fibers between Upland and Sea Island Cottons

Mr. Mark Goebel, Dr. Magdy S. Alabady, Dr. C. Wayne Smith, Dr. Thea Wilkins and Dr. Hong-Bin Zhang


Cotton Leaf Crumple Virus as a vector for virus-induced gene silencing in Gossypium hirsutum

Mr. John Richard Tuttle III, Dr. Ali M. Idris, Dr. Candace H. Haigler, Dr. Judith Brown and Dr. Dominique Robertson


Fiber quality QTLs in Diploid Cotton

Dr. Bay Nguyen, Dr. Chen Niu, Ms. Harriet Lister and Dr. Robert Wright


Quantitative trait loci controlling resistance to Thielaviopsis basicola in diploid cotton

Dr. Chen Niu, Dr. Bay Nguyen, Ms. Harriet Lister, Dr. Terry A. Wheeler and Dr. Robert Wright


Overexpression of antioxidants in cotton alters lint yield and quality

Mr. John Gottula, Dr. Randy Allen and Dr. Robert Wright


Alternative Respiration during Cotton Growth & Development

Dr. Hirut Kebede, Dr. Debjani Tripathy, Dr. Sangjoon Hwang, Dr. Norma Trolinder and Dr. Robert Wright




Development of phytochrome specific ‘candidate-gene’ markers to reveal genetic associations of phytochrome gene family with the important QTLs in cotton

Dr. Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Dr. Z. T. Buriev, Mr. F. N. Kushanov, Dr. A. Abdukarimov, Dr. Sukumar Saha, Dr. J.N. Jenkins, Dr. John Z. Yu, Dr. Russell Kohel and Dr. Allen Pepper