1163 ICGI Symposia

Dr. John Z. Yu




International Genetic, Cytogenetic and Germplasm Resources for Cotton Genomics and Genetic Improvement

Dr. David M. Stelly, Dr. Jean-Marc Lacape, Dr. Dominique E.G.A. Dessauw, Dr. Russell Kohel, Dr. Guy Mergeai, Dr. Marina Sanamyan, Dr. Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Dr. Tianzhen Zhang, Dr. Kunbo Wang, Dr. Baoliang Zhou, Dr. Sukumar Saha and Dr. James Frelichowski



(Re)-conciliation of genetics and genomics approaches for cotton fiber quality improvement

Dr. Jean-Marc Lacape, Dr. John Jacobs, Dr. Danny Llewellyn, Dr. Yves Al-Ghazi, Dr. Elizabeth S. Dennis, Dr. Toni Arioli, Mr. Ruud Derycker, Ms. Nelly Forestier-Chiron, Dr. Marc Giband, Ms. Janine Jean, Dr. Christopher Viot and Dr. Michel Claverie


Lessons Learned and Challenges ahead of the Cotton Genome Mapping

Dr. Mauricio Ulloa, Dr. Sukumar Saha and Dr. John Z. Yu


Functional Genomic Analysis of Early Events in Cotton Fiber Development

Dr. Z. Jeffrey Chen, Ms. Jenny Lee, Dr. Andrew Woodward, Dr. Zhiguo Han, Ms. Misook Ha and Ms. Erika Lackey


New controls of cotton fiber development and quality illuminated through integration of genomic, cell biological, and biochemical analyses

Dr. Bir Singh, Mr. Utku Avci, Dr. Mark J. Grimson, Ms. Sarah E. Eichler Inwood, Dr. Jeff Landgraf, Dr. Debra Mohnen, Ms. Iben Sørensen, Dr. Curt Wilkerson, Dr. William G. T. Willats and Dr. Candace H. Haigler


Actin-Related Gene Family Identifiction from Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Variety Giza 88

Dr. Osama A. Momtaz, Mr. Ahmed El-Fatih A. El-doliefy and Dr. Ahmed Bahieldin



The impact of novel sequencing technologies on molecular plant breeding

Dr. Curt L. Brubaker, Dr. Stephan Brunner and Dr. John Jacobs


Progress and perspectives of a Cotton Microsatellite Database as a comprehensive public marker depository in Gossypium

Dr. Anna Blenda, Dr. Margaret Staton, Dr. Don Jones, Dr. Roy Cantrell and Dr. Doreen Main