Playing Recorded Presentation Content

To view the recorded presentations

If presentation recordings are featured on this product, they will usually be in WebEx format. These files appear with a .wrf extension. If you have already viewed a WebEx recording on your computer, you do not need to reinstall this software.

WebEx Player installers for Windows and Macintosh can be found in the "WebEx" folder on CDs, DVDs and flash drives. You can also download them from our WebEx Player download page.

Having trouble installing the WebEx Player?

Windows 98, ME, NT or 2000: If you are unable to install the WebEx player, you may need to install the Windows Installer first (Windows XP and newer already contains Windows Installer). Click here to visit our web page where you can download the Windows Installer for your operating system.

Technical support for WebEx Player

Omnipress can only provide general support for using the WebEx Player software. For issues with installing or playback, visit

Requirements for playing back recorded presentations

Why is the video cut off on the edge of the screen?

The video capture was probably done at a higher screen resolution than what your monitor is set to. Try changing your monitor's screen resolution to a higher setting (for example, 1024 by 768 pixels). For instructions on setting screen resolution, refer to the Help system included with your computer.

I can play a recorded conference, but I don't hear anything.

The audio sounds poor or unclear.

Audio quality depends on a number of factors:

The WebEx Player has a volume slider that can turn up the sound levels in the presentation. You may also need to raise the system-wide volume on your computer to hear the audio better.

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