26th Meeting of the Task Force on CSITC USDA/AMS 10:00 to 14:00

25 August, 2017 - 25 August, 2017
Memphis, USA
1.    Approval of the Minutes of Previous Meeting and Adoption of the Agenda
2.    Presentation of RT 2016-4, 2017-1 and 2017-2. (Axel)
a.    How far are mean values deviating from USDA Established Values and how much are instruments deviating from each other?
b.    Results of Trash Measurements.
c.     Results of SFI measurements.
d.    Results of Maturity measurements.
3.    Preparations to Include Trash, SFI and/or Maturity in the calculation of Combined Properties Evaluation (Discussion)
4.    Proposal to change the limit on Rd to 1.0 from the current limit of 1.5
5.    Update on Stickiness Measurement, in conjunction with the ICCTM
6.    Increasing the Use of HVI Testing
a.    Proposals for Expansion of Participation in Round Trials
b.    Preparation of Comprehensive Guide on Interpretation of HVI Results
7.    Reports from Technical Centers and Regions
8.      Any other business
a. Next meeting
b. Other Business
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