Research Associates, 2009

PDF Attendance (**K) List of Participants  
PDF Paper (848K) Cotton Research in Turkey Sema Basbag
PDF Paper (176K) Organic Cotton M. Rafiq Chaudhry
PDF Paper (180K) Sustainable Cotton Production M. Rafiq Chaudhry
PDF Paper (900K) The Crises Influencing the World Cotton Market Armelle Gruère
PDF Paper (998K) Germany and the Cotton Case Elke Hortmeyer
PDF Paper (28K) The Evolution of the Cotton and Textile Industry in Zambia Stephen Kabwe
PDF Paper (84K) Regulation and Issues to Enhance Profitability of African Cotton D. Mapri Kpolo
PDF Paper (384K) Cotton Research in Turkey Onsal
PDF Paper (148K) ICAC Price Model 2007 Alejandro Plastina
PDF Paper (348K) World Textile Demand Alejandro Plastina
PDF Paper (540K) Cotton in Sudan  
PDF Paper (72K) Sustainable Cotton Production Terry Townsend
PDF Paper (544K) Intra-Cultivar Selection as a Means of Breeder Seed Conservation Ioannis Tsialtas
PDF Paper (72K) Cotton Research in Turkey Saire R. Türkoglu

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