Improvement of Cotton Marketing and Trade Systems in Eastern and Southern Africa (Uganda and Tanzania) (CFC/ICAC 12)

PDF Report(370K) Project Proposal
PDF Report(178K) Mid-term Evaluation. October, 2003
PDF Report(123K) Quarterly Report. March-May, 2005
PDF Report(828K) Monthly Report. April, 2005
PDF Report(84K) Quarterly Report. June-August, 2005
PDF Report(104K) Monthly Report. September, 2005
PDF Report(617K) Cotton Quality Assurance in Uganda: Training Manual. July, 2006
PDF Report(692K) Training Manual on Market Information System: Coffee – Uganda. August, 2006
PDF Report(418K) Manual for Warehouse Oversight and Inspection. October, 2006
PDF Report(817K) Cotton Quality Assurance in Uganda Training Manual. December, 2006
PDF Report(596K) Cotton Quality Assurance in Tanzania: Training Manual. December, 2006
PDF Report(756K) Coffee Quality Assurance in Tanzania: Training Manual. December, 2006
PDF Report(244K) Inventory-Backed Financing for Coffee and Cotton in Tanzania: Financing Manual. December, 2006
PDF Report(600K) Training Manual On Market Information Systems for Coffee and Cotton Sub-Sectors in Tanzania. December, 2006
PDF Report(188K) Project Completion Report. February, 2007
PDF Report(428K) Training Manual on Cotton Market Information Systems in Uganda. July, 2007
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