Cotton Production and Research Programs

This objective is fulfilled through three surveys undertaken one every year. These are:

Cost of Production of Raw Cotton

The survey provides an itemized cost of all inputs and operations starting from pre-sowing to harvesting and ginning in addition to cost of management, interest on capital invested and cost of all long term items and farm machinery. The report is published every three years and has detailed data on cost of producing a hectare of cotton and a kilogram of lint from many countries.

The publication can be ordered at the ICAC Bookstore:

Structure of Cotton Research, Input Supply and Transfer of Technology

The report used to be called Current Research Projects in Cotton. Over the years, the contents of the report have chanegd a lot and now the report is called Structure of Cotton Research, Input Supply and Transfer of Technology. The report contains a brief write-up on each country providing an overview of the research system, supply of inputs and technology transfer. The report also includes cotton maps from various countries. 

The report is updated every three years and available free from the ICAC. The searchable database is also available free.

Cotton Production Practice

The report on production practices provides comprehensive information on soil types, varieties and their characteristics, cropping systems, insects, weeds, diseases, cultivation methods, fertilizer use, harvesting and ginning of cotton. The last addition to the repoprt is cotton activities calendar wherein up to five important operations are listed by month.  

The report is published every three years and can be ordered at the ICAC Bookstore:

World Cotton Calendar

Using the data from the Cotton Production Practices, a World Cotton Calendar has been developed that instantly shows the data on important aspects of cotton production. The Calendar is accessible free from the main page of the ICAC. Click on the World Cotton Calendar to go there.  

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