Asian Cotton Research and Development Network

4th Meeting

23-26 September, 2008

The Chinese Cotton Research Institute, Anyang, Henan, China, hosted the 4th Meeting of the Asian Cotton Research and Development Network from September 23-26, 2008.

Delegates from India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, FAO Sub-regional Office for Central Asia, CABI, ICAC and a large number of participants from China (Mainland) attended the meeting.

In addition to ICAC, FAO Sub-regional Office for Central Asia, CABI and Organic Exchange sponsored the meeting.

The meeting elected Dr. Jingyuan Xia of China (Mainland) as the new Chairman until next meeting of the Network.

Dr. Jingyuan Xia
Director General
National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Centre (NATESC)
Ministry of Agriculture
No. 20 Mai Zhi Dian Street
Beijing 100026
China (Mainland)
Phone (86-10) 6419-4505
Fax (86-10) 6419-4517

Participating countries decided to hold the next meeting in two years in Kazakhstan. Papers on economics and marketing of cotton will also be invited.

The meeting considered changing the name to Asia and Pacific Cotton Research and Development Network, but decided not to do so. However, the meeting decided to invite Australia to the future meetings.


PDF Introduction (20K) Cotton Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
PDF List of participants (124K)  
PDF Organic Cotton Production in Syria (48K) AL-SALTI Muhammad Nayef
PDF A Study of the Skills Gap along the Cotton Value Chain: Garments Segment (128K) Atiq ur Rehman, Ghulam Ali
PDF Transference of Virus Resistance From G. Arboreum and G. Anomalum into G. Hirsutum(224K) Muhammad Arshad, Zahid Iqbal Anjum
PDF Cotton Production, Breeding and Biotechnology Research in Kazakhstan (112K) Nazira Bishimbayeva, Aigul Amirova, Islam Guseinov, Ibadulla Umbetayev, Izbasar Rakhimbayev
PDF CABI’S Expertise in Cotton with Emphasis on Asia (72K) FLOOD Julie
PDF Development and Application of Transgenic Bt Cotton in China (20K) XIA Jing-yuan
PDF Biotech Cotton: Issues for Consideration(196K) Khadi BM
PDF Basic Problems and Perspectives of Cotton Sector Development in Tajikistan (76K) Rahmat Khakulov
PDF Status of Cotton in Bangladesh (336K) MANI SHANKAR MANDOL
PDF Some Results of Cotton Breeding in Vietnam(280K) TRINH Minh-hop, DANG Nang-Buu, DANG Minh-tam, LE Van-chanh, PHAN Diem-quynh, NGUYEN Thi-nha, LE Tran-Binh, LE Trong Tinh, LE Quang-quyen
PDF Problems and Prospects of Cultivation of Bt Hybrids in North Indian Cotton Zone (216K) Dilip Monga
PDF Cotton Research and Development in Thailand(204K) PARINYA Sebunruang
PDF Cotton Breeding in China (44K) YU Shu-xun
PDF The Cotton Standardization System and Market Failures in the Turkish Cotton Market(136K) SAIT SÖZÜMERT
PDF Progress on the Development of High Yielding Cotton Varieties in Indonesia (212K) Emy Sulistyowati
PDF Earliness Component Analysis Through Diallel Cross Method (88K) Farshid Talat, Iraj Bernoosi
PDF Biotech Cotton in China (24K) ZHANG Tian-zhen
PDF Mirid Menace – A Potential Emerging Sucking Pest Problem in Cotton (76K) UDIKERI SS, PATIL SB, SHAILA HM, GURUPRASAD GS, Patil SS,
Kranthi KR, Khadi BM
PDF Organic Cotton Production and Marketing in Turkey (68K) Aydin Unsal
PDF Cotton Research in Myanmar: an Overview(196K) Tun Win
PDF Recent Progress of Cotton Research in China(28K) ZHANG Xian-long
PDF Genetic improvement of Colored Cotton in China (44K) DU Xiong-ming?SUN Jun-ling, PANG Zhao-e, JIA Yin-hua, ZHOU Zhong-li

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