Eleventh Regional Meeting — Documents

Antalya, Turkey, November 5-7, 2012

November 5, 2012

PDF Cost of Production Structure is Changing in Cotton M. Rafiq Chaudhry
PDF Biotech Cotton: Development, Opportunities and Challenges Yusuz Zafar
  Session 1 “Country Reports”   
PDF Cotton Situation in Greece Eleni Tsaliki and Apostolos Kalivas
PDF Turkey Cotton Report Huseying Basal and Volkan Sezener
PDF Status of Organic Cotton Production in Turkey Ulft Erdal and Aynur Gurel
PDF Summary of Current Status of Cotton Research Program in the Sudan  Abdelrahman H.Latif
  Session 2 “Breeding and Biotechnology – 1″   
PDF Identification of QTLs for Cotton Fiber Quality in a M5 Mutant Segregating population Bilyana Ivanova and Bojin Bojinov
PDF Characterization of PROFILIN Genes from Allotetraploid (Gossypium hirsutum) Cotton and its Diploid Progenitors and Expression Analysis in Cotton Genetopyes Differing in Fiber Characteristics Apostolos Kalivas, Anagnostis Argiriou, Georgios Michailidis and Athanasios Tsaftaris
PDF Determination of Heterotic Effects of Seed Cotton Weight per Boll in F1 Hybrids of Double cross in Cotton Remzi Ekinci, Sema Basbag and Oktay Gençer
PDF Scenario of Cotton in India R. W. Bharud
  Session 3 “Breeding and Biotechnology – 2″   
PDF Recent Developments in Cotton Breeding and Biotechnology Fields in Turkey Aynur Gurel and Volkan Sezener
PDF Effect of Drought Stress on Leaf Area in Cotton Cetin Karademir, Emine Karademir, Osman Copur and Oktay Gençer
PDF Effect of Heat Stress on Leaf Area in Cotton Emenie Karademir, Cetin Karademir and Oktay Gençer
PDF Estimation of Combining Ability Effects for Resistance to Verticillium Wilt (Verticillium dahliae Kleb.), Earliness and Seed Cotton Yield in Upland Cotton Yasar Akiscan and Oktay Gençer
  Session 4 “Agronomy – 1″   
PDF Performance of New Bulgarian and Foreign Cotton Varieties Ana Stoilova and Neli Valkova
PDF Productivity and Economic Effect for Cotton Cultivated Under Different Inter-row Space and Irrigation Rate Ivan Saldzhiev and Angelina Muhova
PDF The Role of Entomofauna in the Cottons Agrocenosis Stefan Rashev and Yanko Dimitrov
PDF Photosynthesic Performance of New Bulgarian Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Varieties  Minka Koleva, Andon Vasilev, Ana Stoilova and Neli Valkova
  Session 5 “Agronomy – 2″   
PDF The Antioxidant Potential: Factor of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Cotton A. Edreva, A. Gürel, L. Yildiz-Aktas, S. Dagnon, B. Yağmur, H. Hakerlerler, V. Velikova, T. Tsonev, E. Gesheva, B. İzci, Y. Oren and H. Akdemir
PDF Determination of Some Fertility Properties of Cotton Soils in the Antalya Region İbrahim Çelik & Metin Durmuş Çetin
PDF Evaluation of Germination Ability of Cotton Cultivars under Artificial Stress Conditions (Gossypium hirsutum L.) F. P. Xanthopoulos, U. E. Kechagia and E. I. Tsaliki
PDF Effect of Drought Stress on Water Use Efficiency and Leaf Temperature of Two Cotton Genotypes Gülden Deniz Atasoy, Ozgür Tatar, Aynur Gürel, Ana Stoilova and Aglika Edreva
PDF Incidence of Cotton Bacterial Blight on Sudanese Open Cotton Cultivars in Comparison with Introduced Open & Bt Cotton Cultivars in the Rahad Scheme S. M. Eltayeb, S. Ibrahim and G. A. A. Elbadri
  Session 6 “Agronomy – 3″   
PDF Photosynthetic Efficiency in G. hirsutum Cotton Hybrids Under Summer Irrigated Conditions R. W. Bharud
PDF Determination Effects of Potassium and Zinc Application to Rate of Photosynthesis, Fiber Yield and Quality on Cotton Sema Başbağ, Bahar Tekin, Remzi Ekinci, Mustafa Yaşar and Yüksel Bölek
PDF  Study of Cotton-Second Crop Rotation in Antalya  İbrahim Çelik, Metin Durmuş Çetin, Hüsniye Güleryüz, Önal Inan, Mustafa Çetinkaya and Can Geçkal
PDF The Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Seed Cotton (Gossypium spp. L.) Yield and Lint Quality under East Mediterranean Climatic Conditions Efe Lale
  Session 7   
PDF International Agricultural Training Centre, Turkey  
PDF Calibrating the Micromat Instrument Using High Volume Instrument (HVI) Output Data Abeer Arafa and Hana M. Arafa
PDF Properties of Woven Fabrics Made from Compact, Ring and Open-End Rotor Cotton Yarns Suzan H. Sanad and M. A. M. El-Sayed
  Session 8 “Economy – Fiber and Yarn Technology”  
PDF Bt Cotton Adoption and Variety Market Development: The Chinese Case Naiyin Xu and Michel Fok
PDF Assessment of Fiber Technological Properties of New Bulgarian and Some Foreign Cotton Varieties with HVI and AFIS Ana Stoilova, Malgozhata Matusiak and Neli Valkova
PDF Production of Carded Compact Cotton Yarn of Comparable Quality to the Combed Conventional Ring Yarn M. A. M. El-Sayed, Suzan H. Sanad and H. E. M. Mahmoud
PDF The Prediction of Yarn Strength of Cotton Sirospun Yarns from AFIS Fiber Properties by Using Linear Regression Analysis Tuba Bedez Ute and Hüseyin Kadoğlu
PDF Cotton Production and Research Status in Mozambique Osvaldo Catine and Alexandre Pelembe
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